Toni + Co currently offer the following services:

– Residential Interior Design, Styling & Renovation including stand-alone Consultations

– Commercial Design, Styling & Renovation including stand-alone Consultations

– Personal Styling & Image Consulting

– Advertising Production

– Event Production, Theming and Hosting

– Costume and Production Design 

In a nutshell, Toni + Co create, design, style and organise.

Founder Toni’s philosophy when it comes to creating, styling and designing reflects her belief that not only should something or someone LOOK good, but it or they should FEEL good as well.  Her ability to ‘create fabulous’ whilst still working within a budget is an integral part of the business and is implemented across all of her projects – a skill she learned being an Advertising Producer for nearly 3 decades. 

Toni wears many hats; that of Interior Designer, Stylist & Advertising Producer and began her working career nearly 30 years ago in the advertising industry and is a respected Producer & Stylist in the Melbourne industry.   She has produced, styled and cast a plethora of still and motion campaigns for a multitude of brands such as Crown, BONDS, Country Road, Nike, Hummer, Chandon, CSIRO, Blundstone, QIC, Yarra Burn, Mordialloc Traders Association and ChiKhi to name just a handful. 

Over the years and by way of a natural progression she channelled her advertising production skills into organising, theming, styling and hosting Events for Clients as well.  

Toni organises public events for Clients such as Myer whom she has an affiliation with, Ladies Lunches for schools and residential based private events.

Interior Design, Home Styling and Decorating has always been a passion of Toni’s and it was about 5 years ago that she added those services officially to her repertoire now assisting both residential and commercial Clients with their design, styling and renovation needs.  Every Client has different requirements and she has helped re-imagine their homes and businesses over the years assisting with a range of internal and external services such as:

– full interior design services 

– colour palette selection

– selection of decorating pieces eg: art, plants, cushions, throws etc 

– new furniture selection

– building material specifications

– mood boards

– trade sourcing

– furniture re-configuration of current furniture to create flow

Toni’s work as a Personal Stylist and Shopper sees her assisting males and females of all ages, shapes and sizes with their wardrobe and image needs.  She also styles Actors and Models for folios and campaign work.

Additionally, she has worked as the Costume Designer on television comedy ‘Rostered On’ and as the Costume and Production Designer on the comedy show ‘My Friend Anxiety’ – working with a team to create head to toe outfits and creating location setups.

If you have a project you need help with, you can contact Toni directly by calling 0414 868 864, emailing or simply completing the ‘Enquiry Form’ HERE and Toni will be in touch